When it comes to home painting in Omaha, Nebraska, how can you narrow down your options to select the best finish for your space? 

The quick answer is, flat, eggshell, or satin paint are ideal for interior walls. For trim and woodwork, gloss or semi-gloss are best. 

Let’s take a look at the key differences between each type with help from our pro’s for home painting in Omaha, Nebraska

Flat Paint

This option has a matte look that does a great job at hiding imperfects on your walls. But keep in mind that this is the least durable choice and it doesn’t wipe or scrub up easily. For that reason, unless it’s a quick job or an area that won’t need to be cleaned, it may be best to select a sheen that’s easier to care for and maintain. 

Eggshell Paint

Eggshell paint is typically the most popular choice. It still has a matte look but with a subtle shine. Consider eggshell paint a great middle ground—more shiny than flat paint but not as glossy as satin. It also falls between the two when it comes to ease of maintenance and care. Eggshell is an excellent choice for main living areas, bedrooms, and hallways.

Satin Paint 

Satin paint has a subtle sheen and performs well in rooms with frequent use like bathrooms and kitchens. It stands up well to cleaning and scrubbing, which is ideal for rooms susceptible to splatters or stains. However, the glossiness of satin paint can highlight rather than conceal cracks, dings, or patched areas on walls. 

Semi-Gloss Paint 

Semi-gloss paint is what is most often used for woodwork and trim. It has a shine and luster that makes it pop against walls. It’s also easily cared for using gentle soap and water—particularly to remove dust and scuff marks. 

Gloss Paint

The glossier the paint, the more durable it is. That’s what makes gloss paint the toughest. However, it shows more imperfections compared to other options. In that case, semi-gloss is a great alternative that still provides the sheen you’re looking for. 

Home Painting In Omaha, Nebraska

The type of paint you choose will vary depending on the location and needs of your project. M.S. Services can help every step of the way—from choosing your paint color and finish to applying it or patching it in your home. 

Contact us today to get started with home painting in Omaha, Nebraska!

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