So you’ve signed a lease and are ready to move into your new place! The next steps in preparing for your move matter. As the leader for apartment maintenance in Nebraska and Iowa, we can offer a few considerations to help. 

What To Do Before You Move 

  • Notify your current landlord that you don’t plan to renew your lease. You’ll likely complete a move-out checklist, return your keys, and receive your deposit back if applicable.
  • Be in touch with your new landlord about what day you plan to move in. Know what questions to ask—like when you will receive your keys, where to park, accommodations for moving big furniture, if a move-in checklist or walk-through will be required before moving in, and how to pay rent. 
  • Consider obtaining renters insurance for your belongings. Some landlords require you to have a policy. If you currently have a renters insurance policy, you may just be able to transfer it to the new address. 
  • Set up the utilities that will be your responsibility according to the lease. 
  • Contact USPS to change your address and forward mail to your new address. Also update your address for any credit cards, banks, medical offices, subscriptions, etc. 
  • Familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood. Locate key points like grocery stores, medical facilities, or public transportation. 
  • Consider the size of your new space. Sell or donate items if you’re downsizing or put items in a storage unit. If your new place is larger, you may want to purchase new furniture to fill it. 
  • Pack up your current home. Keep a separate suitcase for necessary or sentimental items you want to keep with you at all times. It may be helpful to hire a professional moving company. 
  • Deep clean your current apartment. 

Apartment Maintenance In Nebraska and Iowa

M.S. Services helps landlords and tenants alike with industry-leading apartment maintenance. It’s our ultimate goal to ensure your space looks and functions at its best! 

Contact M.S. Services for all of your apartment and maintenance needs in Nebraska and Iowa.

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