Painting the interior of your home may seem like an easy evening or weekend project that you can tackle, but it’s often a bigger task than most homeowners expect. Hiring a painting contractor in Omaha, NE is the fastest, easiest, and often a more affordable method to go about painting your home. However, if you think you are up to the challenge, we suggest following these 3 tips from the professional painting contractors in Omaha, NE on our team.

#1. Take Your Time to Prep the Walls

Before you even mix your paint and pull out your brush, you need to correctly prepare your walls for painting. Examine the wall to find any holes, dents, or other damage on the surface of the wall, and then take the appropriate steps to repair those spots. This most often entails using spackle to fill in the spot, sanding down the surface, and using a microfiber cloth to remove any remaining dust particles. It’s easy to miss a spot, so we advise doing this in good lighting and walking through your home multiple times to make sure you fix every spot.

If you have a large home, this process can be time-consuming, but it is vital to ensure the paint has a smooth, clean surface to adhere to. When you hire a painting contractor in Omaha, NE, we take care of this step for you!

#2. Use the Right Paint Roller

Not all paint rollers are created equal. It’s worth spending a little extra money to get a higher quality roller to make the painting process easier. You’ll want to choose a roller that has the right nap (thickness of fabric around the roller) for the finish and texture of your walls. If you choose a roller with a long nap, it will add more texture to your walls, while a shorter nap will produce a smoother texture.

#3. Wait for Paint to Fully Dry Before Reapplying

If you don’t wait for the 1st coat of paint to fully dry before applying the 2nd coat of paint, your wall with have spots of uneven texture and color. You’ll notice that as the paint on your walls begins drying, the color will change. Once your wall looks like it is all the same color and there are no splotchy or uneven color spots, that’s when you can apply the 2nd coat of paint.

Hire a Professional Painting Contractor in Omaha, NE

M.S. Services can help you enjoy stunning painting results in your home without any interruptions to your busy schedule or budget. Cash in on the benefits of choosing the best painting contractor in Omaha, NE for your upcoming home painting project.

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