If home painting is in your near future, there are important steps to take to ensure you get the best results. A significant part of preparing for residential painting is cleaning your interior walls. 

Cleaning walls is essential to make sure the new paint adheres to the walls for a long-lasting result. Removing dust and other particles first is crucial for a flawless finish. 

Tips To Clean Interior Walls 

When cleaning before home painting, make sure you have warm water, gloves, towels, microfiber cloths, and mild soap on hand.

All your walls likely need are mild soap and warm water. If there are caked on or stubborn spots, there are further steps you can take. We recommend different solutions depending on the type of paint on your walls. 

White vinegar and water or dish soap generally works well on flat, matte, or oil-based paint. You can also use an all-purpose cleaner on glossy paint. For latex paint, use dish soap and water or a vegetable oil-based cleaning solution. 

Once you have the right cleaning solution in hand, remove everything from the walls and move furniture away from the walls. 

Start by dusting the walls. Pay particular attention to corners and hard to reach areas. Next, wash the walls in a circular motion. Use a cloth that’s damp and avoid saturating the surface too much with moisture. 

Once your walls are clean, make sure you go over them with a fresh cloth damp with only warm water. Allow adequate time for your walls to dry completely before painting. 

Residential Painting In Omaha

Clean walls are the first step, then comes the significant project of home painting

M.S. Services can help with every phase of the process—including thorough prep and executing your residential painting project to perfection. 

Enjoy the fresh transformation you want in your home without having to take on the burden of prep or painting yourself. Our team provides the highest quality results—guaranteed!

Get in touch with M.S. Services today to get started on your next home painting project.

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