Ideas To Customize Your Apartment Without Damaging Walls

When you own your home, you can customize, decorate, renovate, and paint it however you’d like. When you’re renting, there are typically rules in place about what you can and cannot do to make the space feel like your own. 

With that said, you don’t have to settle for a boring, cookie cutter space that doesn’t quite feel like home. There are many ways to decorate and customize without causing damage, limiting the amount of apartment maintenance needed in the future while also adding your own unique style. 

Non-Damaging Ways To Customize Your Apartment 

  • Use damage-free brackets to hang wall coverings. There are many options that don’t require nails, drills, or screws. Curtains are an excellent way to make a room look larger when hung from floor to ceiling and placed wider than the window. 
  • When hanging things on the walls, use wall-safe mounting options like command strips and hooks. These can hold an impressive amount of weight and are easy to remove without damaging walls.
  • Poster putty is also a great option to hang things on the walls without damage. Do keep in mind it’s designed for hanging lighter papers and objects. 
  • A unique idea using poster potty could be to create a photo collage without frames. There are also websites where you can create wall-safe, self-adhesive images that can be removed and reused. 
  • Washi tape is another fun way to stick things like photos to walls without damaging them.
  • Decorate walls using removable vinyl decals or wall stickers instead of paint. These require less time and effort to create a custom design, and are also easy to peel off when it’s time to move out.
  • Lean some decorative items against the wall rather than hanging them. For example, large floor mirrors or art on a fireplace mantle. Leaning shelves and ladders are also a great way to display and organize items without having to nail or screw into the wall. 
  • Hook-and-loop-fasteners are also an excellent option for hanging heavier items like mirrors or shelves without nails.

Apartment Maintenance In Omaha

When apartment tiles, floors, or walls do need repair or maintenance, M.S. Services has you covered. 

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