As a business owner, you understand the many things that go into caring for your employees and customers as well as daily operations. 

At M.S. Services, we’re here to help support you with professional services like commercial painting and more. 

When To Refresh Interior And Exterior Paint 

First, it matters to understand why commercial painting is important. 

Of course it has aesthetic benefits and a direct affect on the impression customers and employees receive. A visibly pleasing office space matters, but the benefits go even beyond that. 

A fresh coat of paint also helps renew and protect your business property. This has cost saving benefits in the long run. 

When it comes to the exterior of your space, the industry standard is to refresh the paint about every three to five years. Of course this will depend on environmental factors, but is a solid rule of thumb. 

As for interior walls and trim, aim to repaint more often—every two to three years. Aside from this more extensive maintenance, at least annually walls should be patched and touch up painted. 

Commercial Painting In Omaha 

It’s clear that commercial painting in Omaha is an important and ongoing part of maintaining any office. 

This isn’t something you should have to handle on your own. In fact, M.S. Services is here to take care of all of your commercial painting maintenance for you! 

We invite you to keep us on your team year after year to help the interior and exterior of your office look and be its best. 

Contact M.S. Services today to get started on your next commercial painting project!


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