Home painting in Lincoln, Nebraska is a cost-effective way to transform the look and feel of various rooms of your home—and M.S. Services is here to help! 

We can tackle your project seamlessly, affordably, and effectively for dramatic results that are sure to boost the appeal and value of your home instantly. 

Here are a few creative wall paint design ideas to try in your space. 

Creative Home Painting Ideas For Your Home 

  • Use the same color in different shades or bold contrasting colors to create a geometric pattern. Some of our favorites are rectangles, honeycomb, star bursts, triangles, diamonds, and color blocks. 
  • Go for an ombre look all over the room or on an accent wall. Start with the darkest color on the bottom and slowly fade lighter as the paint travels upward. 
  • Add a moody accent wall. While deep black or jewel tones may be too much for an entire room, they can go a long way when applied to just one wall. 
  • Split the room with vertical colors. You can try two colors or three with the thinnest layer in the middle for a minimalist, Scandinavian design. 
  • Try a gingham or buffalo check look with paint rather than wallpaper. This is often easier and more cost-effective. 
  • Paint a landscape like mountains, trees, or a rainbow for a child’s room or even in adult spaces. 
  • Place stencils on the wall then paint over them for a quick and beautiful pattern. 
  • Lightly apply paint using a sponge for a unique, textured look.

Home Painting In Lincoln, Nebraska

Our team at M.S. Services can make all your dreams a reality for home painting in Lincoln, Nebraska! We look forward to working together on your next project. 

Contact us today to get started with home painting in Lincoln, NE!

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