Each winter season, there are various tasks required to keep apartments and other commercial buildings looking and functioning at their best. At M.S. Services, we can help with apartment maintenance in Omaha, Nebraska

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your building each winter season as well. 

Checklist For Maintaining Apartment Buildings During Winter

  • Snow and ice removal in public areas. Also conduct de-icing to make sure surfaces are safe and protected from damage.
  • Test and service HVAC systems. 
  • Treat for pest control against bugs and rodents. 
  • Take measures to avoid frozen or burst pipes. 
  • Be prepared by having emergency action plans in place and clearly posted. 
  • Inspect fireplaces and chimneys if applicable and have them cleaned. 
  • Cover outdoor landscaping with insulating materials. 
  • Remove debris from gutters to prevent water back up, leaks, and ice dams that can cause damage to roofing and siding.
  • Inspect insulation and ventilation throughout the building. 
  • Check batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. 
  • Bring in outdoor furniture, rugs, or decorations from common areas. 

Apartment Maintenance In Omaha, Nebraska

M.S. Services can help with your apartment maintenance needs, including repairs to walls, tiles, and floors. 

Ensuring your building looks its best is our specialty not only during the winter season but throughout the year. We look forward to serving you, and wish you a safe and happy winter season! 

Contact M.S. Services for your apartment maintenance needs in Omaha, Nebraska.

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